November 12, 2021


Natural stone interior walls with Porcelanosa

New interior design aims to usher nature into the home, using natural materials such as stone that add more personality to spaces, with the added bonus of improved soundproofing.

Natural stone has become one of the most popular resources used by architects and interior designers in home design. First championed as a decorative element in the era of industrial architecture - especially 1940s New York - natural stone floors and walls are once again making waves in new interior design.

Cladding walls in slate, leaving the stone used in construction exposed, and using marble and limestone to tie various rooms together under the same aesthetic are just some of the looks you can achieve with PORCELANOSA's natural and sintered stone collections.

Improved insulation and resistance in the living room

Using natural stone for your living room walls or fireplace does more than lend a serious dose of personality - it also improves soundproofing. And because it's a natural insulating material and keeps your home at a stable temperature, it makes an aesthetically-pleasing and eco-friendly choice.

Airslate slate by L'ac will add a natural, modern feel to your living room thanks to its natural resistance and beauty. These two features make it a hard-wearing material requiring minimal maintenance.

Brighter, more balanced bathrooms

Marble is another commonly-used natural stone in interior design. Gracing walls, floors or even bathroom countertops and kitchen worktops with the stone will give spaces a premium look and enhance the sense of brightness, with its soft textures and balanced sheen.

Marbles such as Arctic White, Nairobi Grey or Neve di Carrara by L'ac will give your bathroom a sophisticated look and make it safer too, given that the stone is hard-wearing and highly resistant against temperature changes and moisture. Shades of white and grey predominate, accented by soft veins that tone down the various textures. With this marble, the sombre tone becomes the added value.

Limestone is a great choice if you're looking to tie your floors and walls together with the same material. The Amsterdam collection by L'ac is one such example, available in a plain or geometric design sure to make your bathroom utterly unique. Another potential option would be to intersperse the collection with metallic mosaic tiles from the brand, such as Gravity or Metal Bronze.

The Altissima collection by Urbatek offers the same marble aesthetic and can be used with an array of other products to give your bathroom the 'new classic' look. Cladding walls in Pangea natural stone and extending it down to floor level will give your room a sense of space and depth. These large format pieces work especially well with gold taps, black free-standing baths and geometric metallic mirrors.

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