January 18, 2016 | Updated: December 12, 2019


PORCELANOSA in the Luxury and Excellence Guide in Spain

PORCELANOSA Grupo was recently been included in Lookxury, the new Guide for luxury and excellence in Spain. The publication highlights a selection of the 750 most prestigious brands in the country. For its wide and varied range of premium products and high quality, the PORCELANOSA Grupo has been included in Lookxury 2016 as a fetish luxury brand in the field of both habitat and design.

With a limited and numbered edition of 10,000 copies, the Lookxury publication shows projects from up to 750 national and international brands with big reputations and prestige, from around 60 different sectors. On its 288 pages, the guide proposes the recognition of those brands and ensigns, as well as the promotion of its products and services, as the aim is to try to position them at the top of both luxury and global exclusivity.

The people in charge of selecting the firms that are integrated into Lookxury are a prestigious team of specialized journalists and filmmakers, who receive advice from international experts from all areas and sectors, such as gastronomy, textiles, architecture and interior design. The companies listed in Lookxury have been selected thoroughly, from around 25 different criteria.

Another goal of the Lookxury guide is to define exactly what modern-day luxury is about. This has been a victim of evolution, with a change in the meaning during each of its stages. In the 50s, customers looked for perfection and durability in products; in the 80s aesthetics prevailed. However, luxury is a very different concept in this new 21st century. Today, cultural values and the shopping experience have become as crucial as the object itself, so this not only has to do with taste, but also with passion and fashions expiry dates.

In this sense, Lookxury strives to become a renowned publication with regard to brands, which reflect quality, exclusivity, innovation and excellence in their products and services, as well as luxury and opulence. The publication aims to become a practical reference guide for the user who is interested in the exclusivity offered by modern-day luxury.

With this recognition, the solutions for ceramic wall and floor tiles, bathrooms, kitchens, or natural materials such as natural stone or natural wood, from the Porcelanosa Grupo firm all go to confirm their excellence and high quality in architecture and interior design sectors.

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