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The PORCELANOSA Grupo takes part at the Ceramvision Fair 2019 in Germany

The large size ceramic format and neutral tones define the collections from: Porcelanosa, Venis, L’Antic Colonial and Urbatek.  

Industrial aesthetic, ceramic parquet and geometry are the main designs for this season.

The PORCELANOSA Grupo will be at the Ceramvision 2019 ceramics fair. From February 21-23, the German city of Hamm will give a warm welcome to the main international companies in the sector. There, the new trends in floor tiles, wall tiles and ceramic materials will be showcased.

Among the standout designs that will be showcased by Porcelanosa, Venis, L’Antic Colonial and Urbatek are the geometric shapes; the recreation of wood with ceramic qualities and neutral and warm tones.

Innovation made ceramic

Porcelanosa banks on the large size ceramic formats with the Premium, Nobu and Bottega collections; characterized by their clear, warm and cement tones. Futuristic atmospheres also have a place with Studio in the White and Metal tones. For the wall tiles, Nantes has been opted for, in the following colours: Acero, Caliza and Arena.

Another of the Porcelanosa flagship collections is the Nobu series, the main floor tile of the stand which mixes the beauty of wood with the ceramics’ attributes. The Berna series from the company also has a strong presence in this area.

The Bottega collection will be showcased in: Antracita, White and Caliza; which comes in a 120cmx120cm format and in Acero as well, in a 59.6cmx59.6cm format.

Urban aesthetic is defined by Venis through its Urban collections and Urban Nature. Designs which mix the purity of stone with the softness of cement in four tones: Natural, Acero, Caliza and Black. The most modern part will be represented by the Metropolitan or Newport collections, whose Nature finish refines the pattern in relation to the original piece.

Another collection to be showcased is none other than Starwood, the ceramic wood from the PORCELANOSA Grupo which, is represented here with the Vancouver model.

L’Antic Colonial preserves the purest geometry with the Sadasi and Nazari collections.
Sadasi has an interesting combination of silky hexagons and textures, whereas Nazari is inspired by traditional North African ceramics and it comes in a 11.5cmx11.5cm format, with a wide colour range that enhances the pieces in this collection.
Original Mediterranean essence.

Urbatek goes one step further with its XLight low-thickness porcelain tile, material that covers the top of the main table at the exhibition with the LIEM Black Silk wall tile. Among other designs, the firm also wanted to highlight the Tempo, Krane and Stam collections.

Ideas for future interior design. Discover all the pictures of the event:

PORCELANOSA Grupo participa en la Feria Ceramvision 2019 de Alemania

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