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The PORCELANOSA Grupo as a source of inspiration for hotels and business

The collections from the eight companies belonging to the Group are presented with their cutting-edge solutions for large spaces and buildings.

The recreation of nature and sustainability make up the general lines of the company.

In order to create intimate, welcoming and unique spaces, the PORCELANOSA Grupo wants to serve as inspiration for interior design in hotels, business and projects in the contract sector. Its products, which are based on: sustainability, the latest technology and respect for nature; come in different models and design possibilities.

Under that premise, ceramic collections, natural stone and solid surfaces like KRION™ have established themselves as some of the most popular materials for these types of buildings, since they achieve the sought-after exclusivity and sophistication for this type of establishment.

Floor tiles and wall tiles with natural light

The PAR-KER Manhattan Maple collection by Porcelanosa has become one of the most sought-after materials for high traffic areas. Its clear tone enhances the amplitude and luminosity of the rooms. Its impressive effect lies in its look, which takes typical elements from wood, such as the colours and the veins, as well as from the improvement through the ceramic technical properties which, have been designed in two formats: 29.4cmx180cm and 19.3cmx180cm.

PAR-KER Manhattan Maple 29.4 cm x 180 cm+19.3 cm x 180 by Porcelanosa

These clear tones favour the open and minimalist areas where the elements are arranged in an orderly way and without differences. This is the case with the the STON-KER River Stone porcelain tile from Porcelanosa. Its chromatic variations are based on the reflection of water in a 59.6cmx120cm format.

Inspired by semiprecious stone, the large-size XLight UNIK Blue Polished porcelain tile by Urbatek has grey, brown and bluish veins that incorporate greater exoticism to projects. Also, the darker colours by XTone (Black and Dark) in its Liem Silk and Polished collection contribute greater depth to the space.

XLight Unik Blue Polished 120 cm x 240 cm Urbatek Porcelanosa-1

 XLight Unik Blue Polished 120 cm x 240 cm by Urbatek

A line that also follows the Starwood ceramic wood, which has six series and 26 different tones. These range from the lightest such as Tanzania Almond or Vancouver Nude, to the darkest with Nebraska Noir or the new Namibia Nogal Nature series. The collection is completed with five wall tiles, namely: Eden, Ice, Noa, Camden and Laos.


Namibia Nogal Ambar by Venis 

Textile braids for indoor areas

The Contract collection by L’Antic Colonial is made up of Linkfloor, a material with high resistance to stains, abrasion, UV rays and water. Its rigid PVC base has textile braid finishes and it is available in a 30.3cmx91.3cm format. For the most spacious atmospheres, the Roll Contract and Wall Contract should be taken into account, which are rolled in 2mx10m and 30mx1m, respectively.

Linkfloor Contract Clay Antic Colonial Porcelanosa-1

Linkfloor Contract Clay by L’Antic Colonial

Underfloor heating

The underfloor heating by Butech is a heating system that transmits wellness through floor tiles. This type of underfloor heating is invisible and does not need radiators or ventilation grilles. Adaptable to counters, information points or meeting areas, this system allows spaces to be heated naturally without using underfloor heating or air flow.

Sustainable white

The solid surface by KRION™ allows all kinds of hotel furniture to be created, due to:
its high resistance, its thermocurvable possibilities, its lack of joints, no porosity, easy cleaning and maintenance.

One of the standout designs from KRION™ for receptions is its Terrazzo Grafite Classico T901 colours, which has the SCS Recycled Content certification. With that, it is possible to obtain LEED points (a US system that certifies sustainable buildings) for buildings that are made with this material. They are available in 3680mmx760mm size which is 12mm in thickness.

White defines KRION™ K·LIFE 1100, whose photocatalytic capacity has a bactericidal action that helps to purify the air. The sheet format range of: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 19 mm; has been expanded with their new 2500mmx1350mm and 3680mmx1350 mm in 6mm and 3680x1520mm for 12mm formats.

Design hotels with the PORCELANOSA Grupo.


Clinic Ortoplus by KRION® K·LIFE 1100

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