January 12, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Porcelanosa Group Projects: timelessness and innovation at the St. Thomas Residential in Winchester

It is in the south of England where St. Thomas can be found, an ancient Victorian church reconverted into a residential centre which has achieved in joining the historical solemnity together with the most fleeting modernism, resulting in a building of timeless lines with that cosy touch which characterises British style so much.

An ambitious project in which the PORCELANOSA Grupo has taken part by turning the residential bathrooms into genuine and comfortable rooms, where, time comes to a standstill. A 5 star hotel, where the design and quality of the materials flow in perfect harmony with the warmth of the residences’ stone walls.

The quality from the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact in a Snow White tone had to be the choice to perfectly flow with the warm tones of the construction. High-quality material which ensures the durability of every single piece, without ever losing the colour purity or the natural touch of its surface either.

The Marmol Carrara from Porcelanosa has been chosen as the wall tile for each room, combining serenity and modernism in the same space. The marble look of this surface provides the atmosphere with the ideal touch of present times, achieving therefore the warm elegance in a setting which was once a place of history and devotion.

The nine bathrooms in the building follow the same line of purity, spaciousness and warmth, thus providing the atmosphere with a contemporary touch, and at the same time, bearing in mind the origins of what St Thomas meant years ago. Wall-hung basins and fixed screens give every room the beauty and glamour which meet the demands of the most comfortable usability. The rooms’ spaciousness, together with both the pure lines and the colour combinations in soft tones enhance the feeling of brightness in a place where the sunlight is both enjoyed and taken advantage of to the max.

As a result, the St. Thomas Residential shows a renovated look through a unique charm provided by a mix of ages, materials and styles. All of this makes the residents’ experience become comforting without compromising the distinction which is part of a historical place of worship.

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