August 18, 2017 | Updated: January 13, 2022

Floor tiles

PORCELANOSA Group Projects: sophistication and toughness in the Barcelona MERCEDES BENZ showroom

Commercial space design must be undertaken as a double challenge. Firstly, the space must be visually useful in order to enhance the beauty of the showcased elements; and secondly, it must meet the requirements of the highly demanding technology that every area of high traffic requires.

A car showroom must go beyond architectural demands when showcasing elements of great size and weight. The choice of harmonious interior design not only enhances the experience for the customers, but it guarantees, in the same way, that the workers have that all important feel good factor and calmness, which are needed to do a good week’s work.

The extensive experience that the PORCELANOSA Grupo has in carrying out commercial projects brings great understanding and knowledge to all the different types of materials, colours and designs which are required in this MERCEDES BENZ exhibition in Barcelona. A project whose goal was none other than to convey the brand’s sensual clarity and modern luxury.

In order to strengthen each of the showroom’s engineering pieces to the max, Urbatek offers CITY Graphic Nature, its full through-body floor tile. This is a material that takes on the roughness look of cement, creating a design full of shades which aesthetically enriches the space, along with meeting the functionality and practicality needs of which this project requires.

The durability and toughness of the through-body porcelain tile makes it ideal for the weight of the cars to be effortlesssly supported, as well as the showroom’s people traffic, which eases the visual experience. It is a material that does not have superficial glazes or double loads which offer the highest breakage strength to the demands of current legislation, offering a high performance in the most adverse conditions.

Furthermore, this high-performance through body porcelain tile presents a wide range of formats and finishes which strengthen the spaciousness and the brightness of the space, along with the practically non-existent water absorption (around 0.1%), which gives the material a clean and highly hygienic surface.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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