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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: neoclassical style in the Locanda Della Posta Hotel

With materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, it was completely renovated in 2017. The building keeps a classical design with contemporary lines through its Renaissance paintings and frescos; and classical-styled materials such as marble and wood.

The central Hotel Locanda Della Posta, located 100 metres from the Piazza IV Novembre, the National Gallery and the Fontana dei Priori, proudly offers an aesthetics full of character which blends in with the medieval essence of the walled city of Perugia. Luxurious and sophisticated rooms which shower guests with a warm refined atmosphere.

The remodelling of the Locanda Della Posta Hotel

The hotel offers different accomodation options which range from standard and medium rooms to suites. All of them have been manufactured with materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo in warm clear tones which result in a balanced and bright atmosphere.

As well as that, in the hotel communal areas, the professionals overseeing the project have banked on keeping the historical touch of each room by redesigning the stucco which dates back to 1700, as well as replacing the floor tiles with the Soul Stone model from Urbatek.

A complete redesigning of the rooms

With a strong neoclassical character, every room conveys elegance and versatility through a series of combined models, dissimilar in different rooms.

Specifically, the standard room includes the Extreme White floor and wall tiles from Porcelanosa in the rest area and the Stuc flooring by Urbatek in the bathroom. Additionally, inside the bathroom one can find some equipment from the Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms firm, with sanitaryware and mirrors from the Hotels collection, basins from the Jam collection, taps from the Irta Cromo collection and some accessories from the Quatro collection.

Regarding the Medium rooms, they have the Ferroker Platino flooring by Venis and the Stuc White from Urbatek in the shower space. We are dealing with designs which go wonderfully well with the Ferroker Platino and Irish wall tiles from Venis, both of them in warm colours that create a cosy atmosphere full of calmness. In the bathroom, the choice has been the sanitaryware from the Forma collection, the Irta Cromo taps, the Quatro accessories, the Hotels mirror, the NK Logic showerheads, and, innovatively, basins manufactured with the Solid Surface Krion® mineral compact.

Lastly, regarding the bathrooms in the eight Suite rooms, two different types of wall tiles were chosen. The highest quality of the Carrara Blanco and Spiga Topo marble, along with the Extreme White flooring, all of them from Porcelanosa. In order to provide the Suite bathroom with a Premium character, the following items were included: the sanitaryware from the Essence-C collection, the Modul basin in a chrome finish, Lounge taps, the Nk Logic showerhead, the Hotels mirror and the Urban C accessories.

All of this, built-in perfectly with the building systems by Butech, the firm overseeing the supply of installation materials.

Project of:

Studio di architettura: A25 Design – Perugia
Progettista Arch. Diego Cacciamani, supporto alla progettazione ing. Alex Bellucci ed Ing. Sara Sambuco

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