April 1, 2016 | Updated: December 31, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: luxury and brightness at the Boynton Beach, in Florida

On the shores of the exotic Florida Coast, a project full of elegance, luxury and brightness has been set up: The Boynton Beach Condo apartments. Done with the uniqueness and quality of the PORCELANOSA Grupo’s products and materials, the Pascuali Interiors design studio has carried out an interior design focused on both the space and a very sophisticated avant-garde Nordic-Mediterranean style. By giving special prominence to the outstanding incoming natural light, the design studio has focused the spaces on a white-and-light colours dominance, which not only stream onto the excellent furniture, but also onto the flooring and wall tiles installed in most of the atmospheres.

The flooring by Porcelanosa which has been the choice for almost the whole project is light-toned: The Oxford white ceramic floor tile. Its wooden appearance provides warmth as well as that cosiness, typical of the most authentic Scandinavian style.

One of the other rooms where the excellence of PORCELANOSA Grupo plays an important role is the bathroom. By perfectly combining with the Porcelanosa Oxford ceramic wall tiles, one can find the following ceramic wall tiles:  The Oxo Line White and Marmi China, and the Irish Natural, by the firm Venis. In an excellent colour contrast with the previous wall tiles, it is also worth highlighting the Tecno Linear Silver White mosaic by L’Antic Colonial, which has been installed in the basin  area.

With regard to bathroom equipment, it has been carried out by the firms Gamadecor and Noken. Gamadecor provides simplicity and elegance with its Sotto Box basin, whilst on the other hand, Noken counts on the taps, the bathtub and the sanitaryware, as well as on the bathroom accessories. Quatro has been the collection that those in charge of the project have opted for in order to provide the accessories with style. On the other hand, the collections Hotels and Bela are the ones that make up both the single lever basin mixer and the handshower; the bathtub taps, the shower head and the wall-mounted shower, respectively. The sanitaryware is from the Arquitect series; and the bathtub is the freestanding Conic model.

It is a project that is right by the beach, highlighted by the highest level of relaxation and comfort, which is provided by the top quality and uniqueness of the PORCELANOSA Grupo’s materials.

Pictures by: Bruce Bain

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