November 16, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Minimal architecture in Lisbon

The three-storey house has been built by the Your Home Architect studio, and its aesthetic combines rustic and avant-garde elements.  

The natural wood from L’Antic Colonial is one of the most outstanding materials in this set.

Full of granite and saudade, Lisbon has achieved in getting a peaceful cohabitation between the stately 19th-century architecture and the 21st-century minimalism. That non-stop trip throughout the History of Art and its features are the context in which this house fits.

Having been built with materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, the architect, Mariana Morgado, from the Architect Your Home studio, has joined traditional Portuguese architecture with a ‘Lagom’ aesthetic.

A rustic avant-garde style

With a rustic style and with avant-garde elements, this three-storey single-family home presents a main area which is open, with a central light source through which the different points of light are arranged in the rooms. We are dealing with an effect which gets stronger through the white colour, which can be found on the walls and the ceilings alike.

The open shapes of this house achieve a warm tone with the natural wood from L’Antic Colonial, in other words, the general flooring in the house. The chosen model has been the Authentic 1L Chrome with 24cm-wide slats. Its copper-coloured tones contrast with the darkest tones of the natural knots, therefore, making the material become integrated into the set.

The glass used in the rails is not noticeable, thus letting the wood steal all the limelight. We are dealing with contrast where the high ceilings, whose structural beams are visible together with the raised staircase, play an important role. The covering which has been used here is the same wood as that of the sliding panels which in turn, cover the built-in wardrobes in the dressing-room. Water light. Vivid nostalgia from the Tagus.

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