March 3, 2017 | Updated: July 9, 2019

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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: An elegant refrigerated display made from KRION® to highlight the creations of Christophe Michalak in Paris

In 2016, famous pastry chef Christophe Michalak opened a shop at the heart of Paris, in Le Marais. In order to highlight his creations, he worked with OCF, a company specialised in customised refrigerated displays, adapted to personalised, unique projects. “Christophe Michalak wanted a display 5 metres long in a single block, curved in a very precise diameter”, states Guillaume Zanlorenzi, manager of OCF. “The main technical difficulty was to find a solution for creating the block without risking having cracks expanding. We carried out several trials to obtain the perfect curve and hide the bonding areas. It is a very consistent material, and pleasant to work with. We are all very proud of the result.”

Its immaculate white, its velvety texture similar to natural stone, and not being cold like other more traditional resins, make this display a superb container for highlighting the creations of the chef. Furthermore, KRION® is characterised by its numerous technical qualities: naturally anti-bacterial, easy to clean, imperceptible joins, and backlighting, etc. It has been used for several years in restaurants, bars, kitchens and other public places where design and hygiene are essential.

This display is the first created fully from KRION®. Mr Zanlorenzi emphasises that there have been a greater number of projects with Krion® in recent years. “The material has a very pleasant texture, similar to natural stone, making it elegant, very classy, and perfectly suitable for top range projects, customised units and decoration.”

Transforming company: OCF (Chantonnay, 85)

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