April 11, 2016 | Updated: December 16, 2019

Solid surface

PORCELANOSA Group Projects: KRION® on the exclusive Societé XL Insurance terrace, Paris

The KRION® Solid Surface  compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Grupo  has been the chosen material to make the polymorphic and original furniture from the outdoor terrace of the insurance company Societé XL Insurance. Its mineral character, drawn from nature itself, with both versatility and high capacity to be able to be transformed, these are the main reasons for opting for this acrylic stone. The aim of Pierre Lemeur, the architect in charge of the project, was to set up an exotic exclusive and very contemporary environment in an outdoor space that would allow company employees the possibility of both relaxing and breathing in some fresh air, right in the heart of the city.

By using KRION® Lux Snow White, transformed by the professional Jean-Pierre Ovejero from Liberty société Ligne, the cutting edge compact mineral stands out on the central part of the terrace. A fountain with cubic shapes and a closed water circuit, flowing in a cascade. The sound of water favours a more relaxing atmosphere as well as the subtle lighting that has been integrated into the terrace. Regarding the suitability of KRION® for this type of installation, it is worth noting that the Solid Surface is a totally resistant nonporous material to external inclemencies and the effect of ultraviolet rays, as well as easy maintenance and high humidity resistance.

Moreover, KRION® was also used in the manufacturing of the five totem poles distributed throughout the terrace. A unique contribution from the Quasar’t Créations studio to this very special project which stands out because of its originality and elegant design. The Totem poles cut evokes the shape of plants, new allegory to the nature of this terrace space. Its integrated light stands out like a nice spotlight that shines at dusk in the city of love.

Finally, the contribution of KRION® to the Societé XL Insurance terrace is done by the three original pavilions especially created for smokers. Although its structure is metal, these include both a KRION® ashtray and a canopy. In this corner, employees can sit and have a break, and furthermore, they can shelter from the sun and rain.

The Solid Surface from Systempool reinforces the idea of a mineral atmosphere from the architect Pierre Lemeur, and also masterfully combines with other materials: wood flooring and decorative bamboo.

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