July 17, 2015

Solid surface

PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Gran Vía Chemist’s, Valencia

Creating a space that offers clients an ideal integral experience has been the goal that has guided AID Architecture and Interior Design studio’s restoration of the Gran Vía Chemist’s in Valencia. This project has opted for the endless versatility of the Solid Surface Krion®, the most advanced material by PORCELANOSA Group, meeting the high quality hygienic and cleaning standards.

The project manages to blend the public into the philosophy of the premises’ owners, who not only offer the open concept of a chemist’s where medicinal products are supplied, but also many more services are provided, such as an audiometer, excellent formulas, derma-cosmetics, nutritional advice, homeopathy or medicinal plants. All of which turns the space into a place for health support, hence, Gran Vía Chemist’s means more than just a simple chemist’s.

With the aim of achieving an avant-garde contemporary aesthetics, from the very beginning, the person in charge of the project opted for the creation of lighting sets with Krion® backlit 4102 Extreme Light, used in all the thicknesses at the entrance. With regard to the inside, it is Krion® 1100 Snow White which is the one that dominates in the furniture and Krion® Dark Brown 1508 is the one used as the front-covering, making the corporate image in a jointless installation stand out, and at the same time, it almost touches the ceiling  thanks to an endless-like design.

The restoration project of Gran Vía Chemist’s has also counted on Porcelanosa expert’s advice, who have managed to install perfectly the solid surface on the outside as well as inside.

This turns out to be a good example of the extensive possibilities for design and customization that PORCELANOSA Group materials have to offer when making custom-made projects for the retail sector, something that is essential for the differentiation and awareness of the high competitiveness the commercial spaces have to face.


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