February 10, 2017 | Updated: December 16, 2019

Solid surface

PORCELANOSA Group Projects: The elegance and neatness of KRION® in the beauty salon at the Leclerc shopping centre, France

At the Leclerc shopping centre in Saint Paul les Dax, located in the French region of Aquitaine and surrounded by a host of specialty shops, there is an exclusive cosmetics and perfumery shop which, in turn, is also a salon for body care, manicures, pedicures, makeup and other beauty treatments.

A beauty salon for body care designed by Beatrice Oreal which has KRION® Solid Surface features in the space arrangement and the furniture as well. Specifically, the cutting-edge compact mineral from the PORCELANOSA Grupo is present on the countertops, as well as the separators thanks to the flagship colour from KRION®, the 1100 Snow White. This interior designer has understood how to take advantage of the acrylic stone from Systempool, using it for the unique furniture designs and its strength for thermocurving and mechanizing. In this way, a large and very bright waiting room with separators has been achieved. A cozy and comfortable atmosphere which has been designed so that the customer feels surrounded by a feeling of relaxation, beauty and a taste of body aesthetics, typical in a centre of these characteristics.

Apart from its versatility for allowing for different shapes, both in interior designs and in furniture, the Solid Surface from PORCELANOSA Grupo has been selected for the interior design because of its resistance, durability, easy maintenance, cleaning and, above all, because of its antibacterial additive-free property.

A perfect example of how KRION® seamlessly integrates into a renowned shopping centre such as the Leclerc in Saint Paul les Dax, in such a demanding place like a beauty salon.

Interior Designer: Béatrice Oréal (Nantes)

KRION® Fabricators: société Vitalbois

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