January 22, 2016 | Updated: December 16, 2019

Wall tiles

PORCELANOSA Group Projects: eclectical fusion in the Hotel Vértigo de Dijon, France

Classical charm brought together with both the elegance and the exclusivity of the most up-to-date decoration, we get inside a most sensational project, the Vértigo Hotel in the French city of Dijon.

Looking for guest satisfaction, and offering them both a unique and comfortable stay, the Carminati design studio has relied on PORCELANOSA Grupo when wanting to contribute to both high quality and performance in both floor tiles and wall tiles, which not only makes the maintenance easier but they shine as well, and despite the passing of time, they are just as spotless as the first day they were used. For the Hotel Dijon’s interior design project, the full through-body porcelain tile by Urbatek has been counted on, which, as well as being tremendously resistant, it adapts itself in an ideal way to all types demands that are placed on its use. In fact, the through-body porcelain in the large format from Urbatek has not only been installed in high traffic places like entrance halls and the restaurant, requiring maximum durability, but it has also been used to cover the edges of a swimming pool, a place with a tremendously high amount of humidity.

In this superb refurbishment, famous and historic building, Haussman de Dijon style, the Carminati Studio has selected through-body floor tiles from the Pure Beige collection, a porcelain tile that emulates stone with pure minerals; the Concrete Black Timber porcelain tile  and the Town White Pulido  through-body porcelain providing the rooms with both a brilliant shine and sophistication.Situated in idyllic surroundings that bestow the traditional French landscape, the Hotel Vértigo in Dijon has been converted into a refined alternative for tourists who wish to lodge in and around the area. After the refurbishment, the hotel is made up of 42 rooms and suits, seeking to fulfil  the functionality principles, exclusivity and the high innovation.  

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