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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: This clinic in Canada turns the design from PORCELANOSA Grupo into a cure and an antidote

The One Heart Medical Centre has incorporated collections from Porcelanosa, Venis, Noken, Urbatek and Krion into its rooms in order to enhance patient well-being.

Marble inspires most of the areas, providing them with great harmony.

Peace of mind and well-being for the patients have been the key principles which the One Heart Medical Centre has wanted to project in this space.

The design of this clinic in Ontario (Canada) achieves therapeutic features with the collections from PORCELANOSA Grupo. Among the materials carefully selected by the C&PARTNERS Architects studio, it is worth highlighting the ceramic collections from Porcelanosa and Venis; the bathrooms and devices from Noken; the large porcelain by Urbatek and the KrionTM mineral compact.


Each of these products complement the medical services in the centre. Innovation, high technical and hygienic performance, along with the durability of the collections from PORCELANOSA GRUPO which have allowed healthcare for patients to be improved.

Calmness through ceramics, marble and wood

The balance and purity of marble inspire most of the medical rooms. Based on its elements and colour nuances, the Carrara Blanco collection from Porcelanosa and the XLight Kala White Polished and XLight Lush White Nature from Urbatek accurately emulate the veining and textures of this stone. The technical properties of ceramics and the zero porosity not only make spaces brighter, but they also make the patients feel calm and at ease. It is a result of the pure white which leads the way in its pieces.

This colour calmness also defines the pieces from Rodano in a limestone finish (Porcelanosa) or those from Madagascar (Venis) in a white finish. The earth and beige colours of these materials provide the atmosphere with greater warmth, remaining there for hours on end.


Wood has a strong presence in this clinic, too. The XLight Wild Grey collection from Urbatek reproduces the rings, the branches and the irregular shapes of age-old trees. In line with the Ice Minnesota ceramic wood from Starwood, whose Moka tone strengthens the origin roots of trees, such as beech and oak.

A sanitary and hygienic Solid Surface

The KrionTM mineral compact has been used in the basins, the B210 countertop and the reception counter. With high hygienic properties and a zero porosity, this Solid Surface is being increasingly used in the area of healthcare because of its additive-free anti-bacterial composition. Aseptic and with easy-to-clean properties, KrionTM avoids waste and microorganism build-up which may cause health problems for patients.

A number of benefits which are shared by Noken in a certain way, whose products hold strict quality certificates and, which come with an innovative technology which respects these kinds of environments.

And design became the best therapy.


See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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