4 May 2021 | Updated: January 14, 2022


Restaurant El Cargolet Picant adds a dash of Porcelanosa to its dishes

Located close to Camp Nou football stadium (Barcelona) and known for being a temple of Catalan cuisine, the restaurant features a new contemporary interior design with ceramic and real wood by Porcelanosa.

Specialising in traditional Catalan cuisine and known for standout signature dishes such as cod and snails (Catalan or with allioli and romesco sauce), restaurant El Cargolet Picant in Barcelona has updated its interior design with a more relaxed, nature inspired décor. Ceramic and real wood by Porcelanosa have been incrporated into the main dining area, giving it a warm and authentic feel.

A home from home


The space, designed by Carlos Martínez Interiors and located close to the Camp Nou stadium, connects the floors and walls with the Nebraska collections (PAR-KER®) by Porcelanosa alongside the Wood Cubes flooring from L'Antic Colonial to create a real homely feel.

Porcelanosa's ceramic wood echoes the grain and natural sheen of oak, and a mosaic by L'ac has been used as an accent. The stacked real wood squares shape the back wall, making it feel like a countrside lodge, and convex mirrors, woven lamps and wooden chairs upholstered in brown and green - El Cargolet Picant's signature colours - provide further accents.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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