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Portuense, a stately apartment in Rome

Constructed by architect Patrizia Burato and featuring collections by Porcelanosa, the interior design of this apartment is a new take on classic style, with natural room schemes combining wood and stone textures with ultra modern furnishings and velvety textiles.

Featuring a classic interior design style combining hardwood furnishings with velvety textiles and glass pendant lighting, Portuense (Rome) is the perfect representation of the way new design coexists with - and complements - the city's historic past.

Classicism revamped, in wood and stone

The work of architect Patrizia Burato, this open-plan 150-square metre apartment joins the kitchen to the dining room with black framed sliding doors and Par-Ker ceramic wood flooring® by Porcelanosa, used as flooring throughout the property.

The continuous design creates the perfect backdrop to highlight the uniqueness of each room and order of the various elements, bringing construction materials to the fore of the décor. This runs through the three bathrooms, where contrasts between the different textures - wood (Par-Ker®) and stone - result in a fresh take on classic style, all complemented by Butech decorative profiles (Pro-mate 5 Chrome profile), adding interest to the corners.

The master bathroom blends ceramic parquet with stone inspired wall tiles by Porcelanosa, Round taps and an Arquitect toilet by Noken, also chosen for the other bathrooms.

The second bathroom features a more natural aesthetic, with ceramic parquet flooring by Par-ker® and Image wall tiles. These tiles reproduce the texture and sheen of stone, and combine beautifully with the Noken Lounge mirror and Unique oval washbasin by Krion® Solid, with high resistance against blows, zero porosity and bacteriostatic properties, making the space cleaner and healthier. As recommended by Porcelanosa, to ensure the perfect placement of each tile, they were installed using grout and materials by Butech, with an innovative composition that results in an unlimited surface.

The third bathroom has a distinctly Nordic feel, with grey and brown hues to balance the Soleil bath by Noken, in turn framed by Porcelanosa's Sochi Blanco collection. Esta superficie que simula el brillo del Ónix incluye un revestimiento geométrico de L’ac en tonos marrones, dorados y grisáceos en mitad de su estructura y rompe con la homogeneidad cromática del espacio.

Architect: Patrizia Burato

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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