May 13, 2016 | Updated: December 16, 2019

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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: an eco-efficient sensory experience in Bertrange, Luxembourg

About six kilometres south-west from the city Luxembourg city, one can find the town of Bertrange.  It is there where we can find one of the latest projects that PORCELANOSA Grupo has taken part in. To be precise, the project consists of an eco-efficient restaurant connecting avant-garde gastronomy with the naturalness of the exterior space.

The façade

Urbatek has been the firm in charge of providing the XLight extra-slim porcelain tile with resistance and avant-garde design. By means of the R-Tech building system, this porcelain tile covers the unique ventilated façade of the Bertrange Pavilion. An exterior layer whose freshness and elegance make a real impact, as well as catching everyone’s eye, thanks to the exclusive contrast with the interior shine.

The XLight model which has been the choice for this contemporary project is the XLight Emotion Dark, whose 100×300 cm large format allows for big exterior volumes with continuous jointless textures among the pieces. Furthermore, it ensures both dynamism in the handling and quickness in the façade system installation.

One of the other features regarding Pavilion Berrange, turns out to be the energy efficiency. This project lies on the basis of an eco-efficient building, whose fundamental premise is to improve the energy use of the building by means of the ceramic façade insulation; and the use of sunlight, thanks to the installation of the glazed façade. This façade also favours the visual effect, as if it was inside the restaurant, where being able to blend into the environment could be possible.

With regard to the façade design, it is worth highlighting the sophistication of the Emotion Dark extra-slim porcelain tile, whose relief decorated in a lively dark colour provides a unique texture inspired by the metal like 3D panels. Because of its sophisticated minimalist aesthetics, but above all, because of its lightness, zero water absorption and resistance to the weather conditions, the porcelain tile is the ideal material for installing on the most demanding of ventilated façades.

The project

Pavilion Bertrange is an ambitious project designed by the WW+ Architecture studio. Its eco-efficient restaurant structure enables it to be positioned at the forefront of design, and at the same time, it turns out to be a new gastronomic concept: the one becoming a multi-sensory experience.

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