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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Functionality and aesthetic harmony in the Adek Studio in Rome

The project has been overseen by the Italian architect, Giuseppe Bisceglia.

The work studio has been renovated entirely with materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

The Giuseppe Bisceglia architecture studio has recently renovated the Studio Adek located in Rome, with a strong formal clearness and practical intention. An interior design whose main objective was to have the space optimised and to create an open functional work atmosphere.

The different workstations and the adjacent meeting room take up the central area of the office, whereas the bathroom, the kitchen and a private office are located in a private area.

In order to create not only a cosy atmosphere, but also a practical one, the ambient light comes from LED strip lights which bring the office to life. It is highlighted with LED light spots embedded into gypsum boards in the most crowded areas.

Custom-made work atmosphere

The studio renovation aims to enhance the historicity of the building and its surrounding area with classical-styled materials. It is worth highlighting that the office is surrounded by the Felice aqueduct, an impressive Roman architectural structure which was created between 1585 and 1587.

In order to make this style noticeable, Giuseppe Bisceglia has used ceramic stone, such as the Newport Park textured model from Venis and the NOX Corten extra-slim porcelain from XLight (Urbatek). Both of them, in warm tones, are interstitial with the Menorca Hojas Topo wall tile from Porcelanosa, which presents decorative elements.

In the interior of the studio, each design, volume and material are those leading the way when it comes to staging a work space which encourages both productivity and comfort. In order to provide the atmosphere with fluidity and lightness, storage areas and light-appearance bookcases covered with the Xlight large-format porcelain from Urbatek are created. The project is reinforced by the elegance and sobriety of the Tanzania Wine 25cmx150cm Starwood floor tile with a baseboard made of wood from L’Antic Colonial.

What makes the difference is the KRIONTMSolid Surface mineral compact with which a custom-made table with two trapezoidal elements that can have several positions set up, has been designed.

Sophisticated practicality in the bathrooms

For the bathroom wall tiles, the choice has been the White&Colors collection from Porcelanosa. To be more specific, it is the Málaga model in its White and Aqua version that leads the way by providing brightness, depth and colour to the space.

As far as the bathroom equipment is concerned, the following items are included: the Arquitect sanitaryware and a Round high-spout single lever, both of them from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. Also, there is a basin manufactured with KRIONTM installed on a trapezoidal surface which is covered by Xlight large-format porcelain tiles from Urbatek.

Photography by: Andrea Brandino

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