June 24, 2016 | Updated: December 23, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: 251 DEKALB, a modern and friendly building in Philadelphia, USA

The ambitious and exclusive 251 DEKALB residential complex is located in the state of Philadelphia, in the northeast of the United States. A block of spacious, modern and highly contemporary flats that has its structure based on simplicity and functionality, as well as wide spaces and splendid views.

The project represents a firm commitment to the integration of the outer landscape inside through the large windows. These not only enhance the incredible panoramic views but also favour natural light in the apartments.

The spaciousness, minimalism and large interior spaces that favour the practicality and comfort added to the quality and guarantee of the materials used in each of the 251 Dekalb residences, in King of Prussia, Philadelphia. The Varenhorst Architects  studio, under the direction of the Candlebroom Preoperties company, used products from the PORCELANOSA Grupo when it came to conceiving a modern interior and elegant design.

L’Antic Colonial was the chosen firm for the flooring installation in each apartment. To do this, the AC4 Natural1L Roble Life laminate flooring imitation was chosen. Its extensive properties allow for the covering of large surfaces, as well as homogenizing the spaces and providing them with a very warm and welcoming touch. The laminating quality was key for the Varenhorst Architects, which also praised its sustainable origin, its antistatic value and power to be an excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Other firms present in 251 DEKALB are Noken and Systempool. Noken has participated through its  Architect kitchen taps, contemporary lines and it respects the environment by bringing the built-in aerator plus. Meanwhile, Systempool shows in these spacious and modern apartments its cutting-edge KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral, which ensures total resistance and ease of cleaning for the kitchen island and worktop.

251 DEKALB is made up of a big quantity of homes that, although varying between 55 y 133 m2, all of them share the same life philosophy: that of modern-day functionality.

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