April 24, 2015 | Updated: January 13, 2022


PORCELANOSA Grupo Project: Le Grand Narbonne, France employment agency

PORCELANOSA Grupo solid surface versatility surprises us once again with regard to the big aesthetic capacity of its finishes, as shown in one of the latest projects in which Krion® has been counted on, as a Butech ventilated façade system wall tile, among other applications.

The local architect Ivan Tognella has been in charge of the new design for the Le Grand Narbonne employment building, with Butech’s team’s advice and technical support to ensure perfect finishes and to meet the technical safety requirements required by French building regulations.

At the junction between Bordeaux Avenue and Dr. Paul Pompidor of Narbonne Avenue, two of the main ways into the city, this imposing building with a cutting-edge look has risen up. Krion® Lux 1100 Snow White has been used to finish the building off.

In total, 140 square meters of Systempool compact mineral have been used for the outside covering of the huge three-dimensional building, a monolith that serves as an ID sign and several boards, all lit up at the back for a more attractive effect.

Additionally, several interspersed plates of this solid surface – a total of 130 square metres- are placed as a pergola in the entrance. A highly aesthetic solution that also provides a refreshing shaded area during the warmest months of the year.

Moreover, Krion® has been used to coat the building entrance and it has been decorated with the collection together with planters of different sizes, also done with PORCELANOSA Grupo solid surface.

The ventilated façade set up and other elements have been carried out by Butech technicians, experts in installation and Krion® ventilated façades wall tile.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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