May 30, 2019 | Updated: December 31, 2019


PORCELANOSA Grupo presents its latest solutions for housing at the SIMA fair

The 100m2 company stand emulates a modern home and showcases the most innovative collections for living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

PORCELANOSA Partners will be present at SIMAPRO to showcase the real estate program.

From this coming Thursday until June 2nd, the Real Estate Exhibition in Madrid (SIMA) will showcase the latest designs and measures which are to be implemented into the real estate market. The Ifema site will hold 250 exhibitors and an offer of 35.000 homes corresponding to those built during 2018.

From the total number of exhibitors, 51% are developers, followed by marketers (11%) and global consultants (7%). There are also suppliers (6%), real estate websites and servicers (4.5%), and technology consultancies, financial institutions and appraisers (3%). The rest of the exhibitors (media, associations, foundations, etc.) represents 7% of the total amount.

Real estate developers, consultants, companies and financial institutions will be at this event to learn about the latest trends in the real estate market at first-hand, and the housing situation both inside and outside Spain. A meeting that will be attended by PORCELANOSA Grupo, which will showcase its latest collections in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms in a 100m2 stand, where the needs and trends of the modern home will be emulated.


The contemporary home which PORCELANOSA Grupo´s stand emulates, stands out because of its façade, whose sober outdoor side has been carried out with Porcelanosa collections, namely: River Silver (STON-KERTM), the Berna Caliza mosaic, the Mombasa Prada Acero and the Gravity Aluminum Arrow Copper (L’Antic Colonial).

Porcelanosa SIMA

The industrial aesthetic decks out the reception area in this space with the Urban collection by Venis, whose counter mixes different volumes and shapes with the Faces collection in gold and white and the AC5 Cement Charcoal collection by L’Antic Colonial. Venis has a special role to play in the living room as well, where the marble-inspired ceramic collections, namely: Artic and Deco Cubik Artic; provide a more artistic air to all the decorative elements in this area. The KrionTM 0903 night Nature and 9906 Black Mirror low tables go wonderfully well with the decorative line of the room and they lead to the bedroom, where we find the Vancouver Nude collection by Starwood and Urban Caliza Nature collection by Venis.

The bathroom as a haven

For greater user privacy and wellness, the bathroom in this home has been done with the  Berna (STON-KERTM) collections and the decorative profiles by Butech. The old-fashioned touch that Berna has, based on stone, contrasts with the minimalist shapes from the Round taps, the Tech Round shower (both in a black matt finish), the Noken Mineral Stone Slate shower tray and the Smart worktop by Krion.

Porcelanosa SIMA

Fusion cuisine

The R3.70 Blanco Snow model Residence kitchen by Gamadecor and the F2.60 Bison Leather Fusion cabinet create a fusion cuisine where flavours from yesteryear (Bottega collection by Porcelanosa) are mixed with gastronomic modernity (KrionTM  K · Life 1100 Snow White worktop).

Porcelanosa SIMA

The heating system in the house is the Butech underfloor heating, which provides the exact level of comfort for each room.

SIMAPRO, B2B for real estate professionals

To provide a greater service for all those professionals from the sector who come to the site, the SIMA 2019 organisation has arranged SIMAPRO. An event which expects to see about 90 companies getting involved, with more than 150 speakers from 28 different countries and some 1.500 professionals.

The division from PORCELANOSA Partners will be at this event, whose director, Juan Bautista Ramos, will chair a round table on Thursday about the Excellence of the sales teams with clients.  “Our goal is to meet the needs of developers and the people who buy their new home. To achieve this, we have the quality and range of PORCELANOSA Grupo products. We offer solutions and products for all the rooms in the home, and furthermore, we get involved with the developer from the get-go, providing all the tools and the products that they need to improve the marketing of the home. It is a joint venture which banks on innovation, design and quality of life“, Ramos explains.

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