May 17, 2016 | Updated: December 16, 2019


PORCELANOSA Grupo opens a new showroom in Saint-Étienne, France

The firm, PORCELANOSA Grupo, recently opened its showroom in Saint-Étienne, one of the most important towns in the south eastern Gallic country.

However, the new store had already opened its doors on February 8, 2016, confirming the greatness and historical aspect of its surroundings. The shop is located in Calle Fauriel, one of the main arterial roads which run through the whole city, very near to the centre, in a historic building, known as La Dinamo, built in 1902 as an industrial facility by the famous Manufrance brand, and considered a protected monument since 2000. From this industrial past, the shop retains two striking, voluminous generators, under iron beams which form the roof of the building.

This showroom stands out because of both the sophistication and elegance of its interior design, which is down to the excellent work with the internal configuration, combining the most unique style of PORCELANOSA Grupo’s showrooms with the most native industrial elements.

This new space hosts products and materials from its interior design, from floor tiles and wall tiles to innovative building systems, kitchens and bathrooms.

The opening

The opening of the new showroom in Saint Étienne, France, had the honourable presence of the PORCELANOSA Grupo Executive Vice President, Silvestre Segarra, who acted as master of ceremonies along with the mayor of Saint Étienne, Monsieur Gaël Perdriau.

With regard to the audience, about 700 people were present at the event, including professionals, clients and some celebrities too, who together, all enjoyed a pleasant evening, which was finished off with some flamenco. In addition to this, the guests were able to enjoy a delicious cocktail prepared by Pierre Daret, the Aromatic Restaurant Chef. His innovation and high cuisine caught the diners by surprise, as did the taste of his Spanish paella which was served later on.

Saint-Étienne is a city of France, the capital of the province of Loire, very near to Lyon. With almost 200,000 inhabitants, it is among the 20 main French cities in terms of population, as well as belonging to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

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