April 29, 2019 | Updated: July 9, 2019

Architecture awards

The 12th PORCELANOSA Grupo Awards recognise the architectural work by the Lamela studio

Carlos Lamela, the president of the company, will receive the award on May 30.

With headquarters and offices in Madrid, Warsaw, Mexico and Rotterdam; this architecture company has carried out some 2.000 projects over more than six decades, namely: the T4 terminal at Madrid-Barajas Airport, the Colón Towers, the Canalejas complex and the Bernabéu Stadium.

From The Lamela Studio, architecture is understood as an exercise of creative freedom which responds and offers new building solutions through rationality and balance. Two principles that have been included in each project since 1954, when the founder of the company, Antonio Lamela, laid the first foundations of his studio.

La experiencia arquitectónica de Estudio Lamela es palpable en 32 países y alcanza diversas áreas: deportiva, transporte, zonas de trabajo, viviendas, sanitaria y turística. 

For him, who conceived architecture as a compendium of pragmatism, sustainability and art, the important thing was to establish a new urban order based on quality and architectural naturalism. The best example is the Colón Towers, the eternal symbol for Madrid and Lamela’s style.

This distinguished architect has now passed the baton over to his son, Carlos Lamela, the current president of the Lamela Studio, who has expanded this company internationally.

65 years of listening to the voice of Society

With some 2.000 projects in its portfolio, the sectors which this company has specialised in go from public projects to large infrastructures, such as air terminals and football stadiums. “Architects must listen to the voice of the world, draw ideas, bridges, and imagine projects which reflect the echo of a society with new needs and aspirations,” claims Carlos Lamela.

PORCELANOSA Grupo wants to reward his extensive career at the 12th Architecture and Interior Design Awards. An honorary award which Carlos Lamela himself will pick up on May 30th at the gala dinner.


He is an expert architect from the School of Architecture in Madrid and designer as well, from the UIA in Florence. Lamela has applied family teachings and university education to each project in which he has been a part of. Among the most standout projects are the refurbishments of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, T4 at Barajas Airport and the new Real Madrid sports city.

In the international arena, the company has carried out, among other projects: Terminal A at Warsaw airport and the Krakow and Lublin stadiums, also in Poland; the Astro Tower in Brussels (the ‘highest’ green building in Europe) and a big Call Center for the Santander Bank in Querétaro, Mexico.

“We are currently among the most recognised studios around. This is the result of the effort made by our entire team, which has managed to adapt to, and meet the needs of the country’s reality through serious architecture which is easy to understand”, remarks the architect.

In 2001, Lamela promoted the creation of EAN (European Architects Network), a European network made up of more than 700 architects. In it, there are renowned studios, namely: HOK, TCHOBAN VOSS, ART CHARPENTIER, ALTIPLAN AND PROGETTO CMR.

Architecture which looks out for the environment

Committed to sustainability and environmental protection, the studio has received environmental certificates, such as LEED and BREEAM. It also has the ISO-9001: 2015 and ISO-14001 international certifications: given by BUREAU VERITAS.

Nowadays, the company is working in the Canalejas Centre in Madrid, where the Four Seasons hotel will be; 22 high-end homes and a commercial area with 40 stores. As well as that, at the Airbus headquarters in Madrid; in the new terminal at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam and in important office and housing complexes in Madrid and the rest of Spain, too.


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