February 10, 2016 | Updated: December 31, 2019


PORCELANOSA Grupo and Quique Dacosta join their talents together in order to diversify professional cuisine

Both Professional and creative cooking by Quique Dacosta land at the PORCELANOSA Grupo. The renowned chef, awarded with three Michelín stars, has co-worked in the design of an avant-garde kitchen, which has resulted in being one of the most relevant designs by Gamadecor at the 23rd PORCELANOSA Global Architecture Exhibition.

Aiming at boosting the promotion of this new sophisticated kitchen equipment, the chef, Quique Dacosta, was present in the renovated Gamadecor showroom, and at this 23rd edition of the Exhibition, where he performed a creative unique live showcooking. By surprising and delighting the audience with the most exquisite dishes, Quique Dacosta showed that in this new kitchen format which is based on design and elegance, one can also find practicality and functionality. In this showcooking, Quique Dacosta was working alongside Luis Valls Rozalén, the head chef at one of his most famous and successful restaurants: The Poblet restaurant in Valencia.

“The Porcelanosa kitchen by Quique Dacosta”

The modern kitchen equipment designed by PORCELANOSA Grupo in collaboration with Quique Dacosta turns out to be an excellent reinvention of the professional kitchen. The kitchen integrates with the kitchen furniture, an island with a worktop manufactured with the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact, as well as lacquered fronts in a Snow white finish and handles in black Cien Sable. The worktop, which offers the whole properties of the PORCELANOSA Grupo’s acrylic stone highlighting among others the easy-to-clean, high-resistance and anti-bacterial ones; it is 72 mm thick, has a spacious cooking area and a decorative extractor hood, also manufactured with KRION®.

On the other hand, the kitchen design has a column area, integrating retractable fronts in a coal oak finish with a rusty look. Inside, one can find a bench with a washing area, and in the background, a led-backlighting system for the shelves, and assorted built-in electrical appliances. Likewise, the kitchen equipment has an area of shelves, whose finish is in coal oak, which has a rusty look, decorated and finished off with decorative profiles, the black Cien Sable model. All the decorative sides in the kitchen are 50 mm thick, including round edges which provide the set design with solidity and continuity.

The joint project between PORCELANOSA Grupo and Quique Dacosta reveals the quest for excellence in a professional space, proving the professional skills and years of experience of both parties in the field of restoration and interior design. A successful pairing which shows a logical functional and avant-garde design, whilst offering the most absolute creativity.

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