January 30, 2014 | Updated: December 23, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group’s most avant garde collections at the XL/xs exhibition

The Mood and Spirit II bathroom collections by PORCELANOSA Group will be included in the XL/xs exhibition as part of a showcase that demonstrates the close links between architects and the world of design as illustrated through varied types of works.  Innovative creations produced by architecture professionals and students will be put on display in Valencia from 12 February onwards.

Its innovative use of technology and form has led the Mood collection by Noken, designed by Rogers Stik Harbour + Partners y Luis Vidal + Architects, to be awarded prestigious international prizes, for example an award by the 100% Design organisation. The combination of Krion®, a next generation material, with ceramic and an iconoclastic design have been key to the success of this cutting edge bathroom collection that also incorporates efficient taps that control temperature and water flow for more responsible consumption.

In turn, visitors will also be able to discover the visual games created by the A-cero studio in the Spirit collection by L’Antic Colonial. In this versatile collection of bathroom equipment and coverings, straight and curved lines merge and wood and natural stone are combined in asymmetrically designed bathroom furniture, where basins with suggestive curves become works of sculpture.

Ramón Esteve, who was responsible for one of the new L’Antic Colonial Signature Spaces, is the curator of the exhibition. It will be open for a month and can be visited at the La Cambra del Centro La Rambleta exhibition hall in Valencia.

The exhibition will have numerous sponsors, not least PORCELANOSA Group, as part of the group’s constant commitment to innovation and being aware of new emerging trends in the field of architecture and interior design.

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