March 20, 2020


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A cutting-edge Krion™ façade for the University of Montpellier

The 13,000 square metre project is the work of BPA Architects studio, and includes technical solutions by Butech. 

The new building comprises two floors, with a structure integrated into the urban setting.

Located in Montpellier, France, the City of Science is the city’s new university campus, with an opening scheduled for 2020.

Spanning 13,000 square metres across two floors, the building – by BPA Architects studio – incorporates materials from PORCELANOSA Group such as Krion™ K-Life.

Universidad Montpellier Krion 3

The use of the mineral compact reinforces the building’s overall structure. Sheets of Krion™ K-Life, characterised by their photocatalytic nature (they help to reduce environmental pollution), durability, resistance, and zero porosity, have been used across the 950 square metre façade.

To ensure the optimal installation of the solid surface, the architects have opted for technical solutions from Butech to affix the façade’s perforated pieces.

Universidad Montpellier Krion 10

Given the complexity of the project, which uses sheets measuring up to 75,000 cm2 with 40% perforation (which would be difficult to achieve on-site) they chose to shift the production process of the various façade elements to PORCELANOSA Group facilities, manufacturing them there to be subsequently distributed.

Inspired by binary language and the Nouvelle style of Alain Jacquet, the project combines aesthetic design and functionality under the same design, representing a modernised concept of university as a hub of art, debate, and knowledge.

Universidad Montpellier Krion 9

Photo: Zuena Photo

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