February 21, 2020 | Updated: July 23, 2021


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Krion™ rises high in Shenzhen

The compact material from PORCELANOSA Group gives shape to the main façade of this building through a curved structure that combines different volumes. 

Architect Zhao Guo Xing has chosen this Solid Surface thanks to its malleability and resistant properties, and has fitted the material with Butech’s construction solutions.

The centre of Shenzhen (China) forms the urban backdrop that frames this skyscraper. The work of architect Zhao Guo Xing, who received special recognition at the 8th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards in 2015, this building comprises a tower 160 metres high, the structure of which is formed of the compact mineral Krion™.

Xing, a member of Peddle Thorp Architects, has chosen this material for its high resistance to extreme temperatures, shock and UV rays. Its application has been made possible thanks to the engineering and construction solutions of Butech, as the system for anchoring the various Krion™ modules.

With 30,000 square metres, this space holds a shopping centre, leisure areas, green spaces, shops and apartments, and all of them revolve around a centralised structure that gives greater lightness and minimises external noise.

2 Shoping Center Shenzhen Zhongzhou Krion Butech Porcelanosa

A new skyline concept

The use of Krion™ has made it possible to build a curved structure with different thicknesses and levels, in which the different lines crossover and create a kind of moving façade.

With the use of Krion™, a compact mineral that is antibacterial (does not allow bacteria to grow), can be thermoformed, is ultra-white and easy-to-clean, with a 100% recyclable composition, building acquires sustainable quality, thus meeting the highest standards of innovation and design.

4 Shoping Center Shenzhen Zhongzhou Krion Butech Porcelanosa

Photo: Salva Méndez

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