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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Rome al fresco

This avant-garde, white-fronted property by Mario Giavannone's Piucasa SRL stands out for its exterior orientation and its open spaces, where a continuous, open-plan design using the PORCELANOSA Group's Premium collections balances the two levels.


This family home offers one of the most exclusive panoramic views of Rome with an open design in which interior and exterior are interconnected with white as the colour unifying them. This is the aesthetic effect Piucasa SRL wanted to create in this duplex, where the Scandinavian style, with light colours and matte finishes, is interspersed with works of pop art, geometric furniture and the PORCELANOSA Group's Premium collections.

A total white open-plan kitchen

The kitchen in this apartment has been designed as a rectangular island that leads out to the terrace with Krion Snow White East compact mineral as the main material and Savage Dark Polished compact mineral for flooring throughout.

Krion Snow White East is used for the worktop and is characterised by its resistance, hygiene and aseptic properties,. which prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, while the fact that it is non-porous with imperceptible joins means that every corner can be kept perfectly clean.

Its pure white goes perfectly with the lacquered furniture, metallised taps and high stools, making this area an exclusive gastronomic space, where you can experiment with new textures and techniques or enjoy a family dinner.

Two terraces to enjoy life in Rome

If there's one thing that stands out in this property, it's the incomparable views and endless terraces, also in this minimalist style, with a slight Mediterranean touch suggested by the collections by Bottega in Topo by Porcelanosa and the Savage Dark mineral compact with Nature finish. The first series is part of the HIGHKER™ large-format Premium range and its soft, cement-like appearance gives a greater sense of continuity because of the imperceptible joins and sober colours. 

On the upper terrace is the chill-out area, whose white furniture and sofas stand out against the Savage Dark Nature mineral compact by XTONE. Its irregular whitish veins contrast with the black surface and transform this space into an open-air Roman temple full of plants and art.

Bathrooms for indoor and outdoor care

The bathrooms in this home combine classical and avant-garde styles through the presence of large abstract paintings and glass mosaics. The main bathroom has a Soleil Square from Noken bathtub in the centre of the room. With hydromassage and music therapy options, this bathtub improves the well-being of the user through intensive skin care and is combined with a chrome finish Square sprinkler Urban and shower.  

Designed as an independent unit but attached to this area, the Concrete finish Line shower by Krion Shell™ is framed by the Eternity Mini Strip Grey and Eternity Mini Strip White collection by L’Antic Colonial, highlighting the metallised brightness of the Lounge Noken taps and the white finish of the Essence-C toilet (guest bathroom). This is an extra-fine structure built in at ground level and creating a sensation of infinite space that reaches the second terrace or viewing point.

The company Krion also makes the Basic washbasins, whose robustness and hygienic properties stop bacteria building up, with a repair system making it possible to restore them quickly to their original state without the need for extensive work.

Photo: Antonio Stratella studio  

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