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The Onside studio combines Nordic and Mediterranean decoration in this Valencia home

The architects Carlos Balada and Carlos Bonet select the PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections to combine the different rooms under a single structure.


Halfway between Nordic and Mediterranean interior design, this house in the centre of Valencia connects the different rooms by means of neutral tones and light textiles. That is the style that architects Carlos Balada and Carlos Bone from the Onside studio have applied with the most natural collections from PORCELANOSA Group.

An infinite and safe kitchen

Open to the living room and the rest of the property, this island-shaped kitchen has a diaphanous design in which borders disappear due to the absence of partitions and the sliding glass door through which the exterior light passes.

Su infinita encimera se extiende hasta la entrada del comedor reforzando esa estética ‘total white’ que predomina en las estancias principales de la vivienda. Construida con el compacto mineral Krion®, esta superficie convierte dicha estancia en un salón más y potencia su luminosidad con el blanco como tonalidad predominante.

El Solid Surface Krion® se compone de un alto porcentaje mineral y su instalación refuerza la seguridad y la higiene de este espacio debido a su carácter bacteriológico, su nula porosidad y su unión sin juntas imperceptibles. This, in turn, prevents dirt from accumulating and allows each piece to be moulded to form limitless and resistant surfaces.

To break with this white hegemony, Porcelanosa's ceramic wood Ascot Arce was chosen, which runs through each of the rooms. Inspired by oak, the pieces of this collection recreate the grains and knots of natural wood with the strength of ceramics.

A combination of harmony that follows the aesthetic principles of Scandinavian interior design with furniture lacquered in white, minimalist lamps or Nordic armchairs upholstered in grey.

A bathroom in glass and wood

The bathroom maintains the same interior design as the rest of the property. Linked to the main bedroom by a tempered glass door, the interior of this room has incorporated the Bottega Acero collection by Porcelanosa for the floors and walls. This greyish uniformity is reduced with the Krion suspended countertop and the Marmi China XL wall tile, as the white becomes sharper with Butech's Pro-Mate 3 Silver profile.

A bath designed for well-being and absolute tranquillity.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architect: Onside

Photo: Alfonso Calza

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