January 24, 2014 | Updated: December 16, 2019

Wall tiles

PORCELANOSA Group Projects: offices,Oceania Business Plaza building, in Panama

The architects Ginnette Gotti and Ivan Grippaldi, from the Dos G Arquitectos studio were in charge of carrying out one of the most ambitious projects in the city which was to remodel the 42nd floor of the 2000 tower in the Oceania Business Plaza office centre in Panama, wich has a total surface of 800 square metres.

These designers have united the Italian style with the culture in Panama, creating a design full of contrast where harmony and elegance are the main focus.

The architects have transformed these offices into a cosy space which simulates a hotel reception area by creating a contemporary “carpet” in the lobby using mosaics from four types of marble. Classical lobby’ aesthetics were kept in mind when hanging different length tubular lamps. The colour chosen for these glass tube lamps is smoky which matches the shades of the space and highlights the white, grey and black colours of the mosaic tiles.

This project’s main challenge was to create offices that make the best of the natural light in each of the spaces. A cube, containing the basic services (toilet, kitchen, etc), covered in K2 porcelain by Venis was designed and placed in the centre of the building. The toilet walls of the ladies room is covered with Oxo Deco Blanco ceramic tiles, whilst the gentlemen’s toilet is covered with Marmi Deco Negro ceramic covering; both models are by Porcelanosa.

Ceiling-floor translucent dividing walls decorated with an opaque strip separate the spaces and a degraded effect at both ends of the space lets the light shine in whilst maintaining the user’s privacy.

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