19 January 2021 | Updated: March 8, 2022


BG Agro offices in Bulgaria embrace the future with Krion®

The building, in the city of Varna, features the Porcelanosa Group mineral compact on its main façade, following an architectural overhaul from studio STARH.

Located alongside historic buildings in the city of Varna (Bulgaria), the BGA Agro offices are symbolic of the liberalisation of architecture with convex forms and clean lines. This was the intention behind the design of the façade by STARH architecture studio, with Krion® mineral compact by PORCELANOSA Group playing the leading role.

Sustainable innovation

Winner of the Building of the Year 2019 prize in the corporate buildings category, its façade stands out for its curvilinear structure and the border rising upwards in Krion® EAST 1100, which in turn contrasts with the tinted windows.

The application of Krion® EAST 1100 makes for improved acoustic insulation and safety due to its high mineral content, making it bacteriological as well as resistant to fire and temperature changes. The material also helps to reduce environmental pollution thanks to its photocatalytic capacity.

Butech provided advice and technical supervision for the installation of the Krion® sheets and cladding, using the K-Bolt system. Fitters from PORCELANOSA Group took part in the project, travelling to Bulgaria to train a local installation team and supervise the façade's construction.

What STARH aimed to create was a series of 3D forms that would add dynamism to the façade, with a balance of colour using white as a unifying force. This concept was brought to life thanks to the way in which Krion® can be heat-formed.

With five floors and two underground parking levels, the reinforced concrete building lacks beams, reinforcing the connection between the city and the office and bringing exterior light to the corporate identity.


See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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