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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Greenbridge, the history of Menorca told through its stones

Architects Guillermo Carreras and Cristóbal Torrent have designed a two-storey single-family home whose dry Menorcan stone is the main building material.

Facing outwards and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this house combines classicism and modernity with PORCELANOSA Group collections.

Binibeca is a charming town on the Menorcan coast that is lined with small bars, narrow cobbled streets, wooden fences and white fishermen’s cottages. There, time seems to have stopped in 1972. The date of its creation.

10 Residencial Menorca Porcelanosa

This is the maritime landscape surrounding Greenbridge, a two-storey single-family home that blends local architecture with avant-garde shapes: the personal stamp of Guillermo Carreras and Cristóbal Torrent, the two architects who built the house.

The traditional dry stone of Menorca comprises the structure of the home and, together with PORCELANOSA Group collections, unites the exterior and interior rooms.

Consisting of five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, a large living room and a swimming pool that connects to the large terrace via The Soho Taupé collection by Porcelanosa (STON-KER™), the minimalist design found throughout Greenbridge features white, brown and blue as it base tones.

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A panoramic view of Menorca

As the home faces outwards, most of its rooms receive the island’s natural light, which enhances the purity of pieces such as Minnesota Ash, the Starwood™ collection — ceramic tile flooring fixed with Fr-One adhesive — and the Colorstuk Especial Ash grout by Butech.

The ceramic wood by the PORCELANOSA Group connects the different areas with an aesthetic that is both rustic and Mediterranean. This comprehensive blend of styles is demonstrated by the wicker furniture and natural stone structures or the ceramic wood pieces that are interspersed with the white walls of Greenbridge.

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Its open-plan layout joins rooms seamlessly and expands not only the limits of the home, but also its aesthetic possibilities. The best example is the kitchen, which is integrated into the main living room with the Emotions E5.70 model by Gamadecor.

The Krion™ Snow White EAST 1100 countertop underscores the balance of this ensemble thanks to its geometric design, superior strength, zero porosity and easy maintenance.

5 Residencial Menorca Porcelanosa

Krion Snow White EAST 1100 is a photocatalytic product that, when exposed to light, helps to eliminate contamination and bacteria from its surface. This compact is ideal for kitchens and large surfaces that come into contact with food.

The combination of earthy tones and shades of white is also on display in the bathroom, which features the Land Stone shower tray, the NK Concept sanitaryware and the Pure Line washbasins by Noken. The refined lines that define both pieces are completed with the Round single-lever taps — another product by this brand. Its metallic texture represents that interplay between classicism and modernity through more organic and sharp forms.

Menorca unfiltered.

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Photo: Maite Carles.

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