27 November 2020 | Updated: January 13, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: EM offices in Meliana: ergonomics and design for workplace wellbeing

Designed by studio SMBarquitectura and Nonna Design Projects, this open-plan office uses PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections to create a versatile and healthy corporate environment. 

Featuring an 'inside out' design connecting the interior and exterior through a glazed façade, the headquarters of Electrica Meliana (Valencia) is a perfect example of a bright, open-plan office space in which all the zones are pulled together under the same industrial aesthetic based on greys, whites and greens.

A collaborative, industrial style office 

Located in Meliana (Valencia) the collaborative office space designed by architecture studio SMBarquitectura and Nonna Design Projects comprises a customer services admin area and a meeting room, featuring ergonomic furnishings combined with PORCELANOSA Group collections.


The infinite table extending to the entrance blends stately wood with solid concrete - the material used for the two columns that support the structure. This design is complemented by Bottega Topo floor tiles by Porcelanosa, large format tiles inspired by the contrasts and colour variation of concrete that improve office safety and allow for a greater sense of order between the zones. Butech adhesives and spacers were used to accurately level and install the floor tiles.

"This is a space in which the interior ushers in the exterior and vice versa.  In it, the furniture itself is used to provide differentiation between the use of each zone, and the physical separation between spaces is dissolved by the large windows that promote visual continuity" explains an SMBarquitectura representative.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Photo: Arturo Ferrer

Architecture: smbarquitectura

Interior design: nonna design projects

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