November 22, 2013 | Updated: December 16, 2019

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PORCELANOSA Group projects: McDonalds Polanco, in the City of Mexico

We are off to the city of Mexico to discover a new concept of fast-food restaurants. A company like McDonalds doesn’t need hardly any more introductions. It has a network of over 31.000 restaurants on an international scale and is the biggest and most known fast-food chain in the world.

It is estimated that McDonalds in Mexico receives over 200 million consumers per year in its extensive restaurant network throughout the country; hence the need to include a high quality ceramic material with excellent technical benefits in the design of the trademark’s restaurants.

Therefore this multinational company, which has conquered millions of people, wanted to use products from the companies at PORCELANOSA Group to reform all their restaurants in Mexico with the through-body stoneware  by Urbatek.

In accordance with the company’s philosophy on being up to date with the latest innovations and quality, the back bone of its facilities has been improved using the City collection by Urbatek as the establishment’s flooring in the Scene and Area colour, and both in the Nature finish (matt).

The high strength of the thorough-body stoneware by Urbatek made this company decide to use this type material, which is extremely strong and suitable for high traffic areas, just like Mc Donald’s.

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