2 March 2021 | Updated: January 13, 2022


Lufthansa touches down in New York with Krion®

The airline company has updated its Big Apple offices using the PORCELANOSA Group mineral compact for furnishings and in several meeting rooms.

Lufthansa lands at the RXR Plaza in New York (Uniondale, Nassau) with new offices that seek to strengthen and consolidate their presence on the US market.

The airline has revamped its corporate image based on two concepts: Innovation and sustainability. Architecture studio TBG chose the mineral compact Krion® by PORCELANOSA Group for the design of the building's furnishings and meeting rooms, the perfect material to highlight these two objectives. 



"We pinned down the final draft of the project in our initial sessions. For the team, it was important that we preserve the solid legacy of the organisation as it moves forward into the future. We needed to design a dynamic space that would reflect the brand and its diversity, whilst instilling a sense of pride in people working in and visiting the office", explain TPG's architects.

More modern, healthier offices

Incorporating Krion® Snow White 1100 EAST K-Life into the workspaces and rest areas has modernised the facilities, with its healthy, sustainable design.  In the offices and meeting rooms - spanning three floors of the building - open-plan spaces and futuristic decor dominate, and the pure white K-Life, natural light and Nordic style furnishings reinforce the concept of an open and collaborative office.


The layout is linked to the company's corporate values with wellbeing, order and safety as key priorities. A philosophy that suits the compact mineral perfectly  Krion® Snow White 1100 EAST K-Life, a photocatalytic material that helps reduce environmental pollution and improves employees' quality of life.

It is easy to clean and non-porous, with bacteriological properties that eliminate microorganisms from the surface, making every room cleaner and healthier. What's more, thanks to its imperceptible joints and resistance to blows and scratches, it can be used to create infinite and durable desks and counters without any gaps. 'The team wanted to create a design with aviation inspired accents, like the conference room signage incorporating global airport codes in a fresh, modern setting", say the TPG representatives.

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