September 18, 2020 | Updated: March 8, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Palmas Residence, a luxurious home to connect with the more artistic side of Mexico

The interior of this single-family home, designed by Studio Cocoons, combines fine materials and the most exclusive collections from PORCELANOSA Group.


This impressive residence located in Mexico City brings together the latest design proposals based on sustainability, comfort and luxury. These are the three values that Studio Cocoons wanted to transmit with the PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections and other fine pieces, each made-to-measure for this project.

A classic living room with an avant-garde air

Designed as the heart of the property, the living room blends more classic decoration with small avant-garde details that combine textures, textiles and lighting. Two worlds that are brought together thanks to the open structure, with the AC4 Endless 1L Broadway laminate from L'Antic Colonial used as the main flooring material.

A continuous design that extends to the entrance area and offers a balanced contrast with the Bianco Pulido marble (HIGHKER). Its veins and natural brightness enhance the luminosity and spaciousness of this room by combining with Porcelanosa's Park Beige, the wall tile that shapes the decorative mural in the living room.

Such attention to detail can also be seen in the columns in the living room, which resemble a monolithic block thanks to the large-format XTONE ceramic tiles from Urbatek.

Futuristic and sustainable bathrooms

In line with this simple interior design with natural shades, the two bathrooms in this house are characterised by their futuristic design and white lighting.  This is seen in the first bathroom, where the XTONE ceramic tiles merge with PAR-KER®.

The lightness and strength of this ceramic wood frames the Krion ARO washbasin (collection designed by Estudi{H}ac inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony), the straight lines of the Lounge taps from Noken and the Urban C Chrome soap dispenser, also from Noken.

The second bathroom stands out for its brown shades and the fusion of textures and materials. Here, we note the three-dimensional tiles from Porcelanosa and the natural finishes, which in turn perfectly combine with the ceramic wood flooring, lending a more intimate air to each area.

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