November 29, 2013 | Updated: December 31, 2019

Wall tiles

PORCELANOSA Group projects: José Salvador Foot Clinic (Ontinyent, Spain)

Modernity and design are the words which best describe the result of the project carried out by the estudi{H}ac, studio, headed by José Manuel Ferrero, who was in charge of creating the José Salvador foot clinic, located in the region of Valencia in Ontinyent.

The establishment was equipped with materials by PORCELANOSA Group, and inspired by traditional private consultations of medical specialists where the materials transmitted the profession’s serenity. We steer away from the usual white colours which appear in most medical centres and have chosen a more modern style with a retro touch to give more warmth to the environment.

With great attention to detail, a touch of elegance is given off by the materials of the companies at PORCELANOSA Group on outside of the building. Both the clinics slogan, which has a minimalist character, and the solid black colour used for the wood just assents the careful work carried out on this construction.

The main door is formed with a selection of marble strips by L’Antic Colonial, contrasting with the fragile glass and steel façade. It also provides a neutral balance to the warmth of the wood and the lighting which can be sensed on the building’s interior.

On the inside of the establishment, the floors and the back wall, made with Forum 1L Nogal Niza laminate flooring by L’Antic Colonial, create the required presence whilst the reception area, with its marble front, appears as the backbone of the whole space.

The ceramic covering which was used for the bathroom, with a modern touch, is the India Arena by Porcelanosa, combined with a Skyline Shades Grecia mosaic by L’Antic Colonial; the freestanding washbasin from the Men{h}ir collection was also designed by the estudi{H}ac studio with natural materials by L’Antic Colonial.

This project was undoubtedly carried out with style; giving the space an air of elegance and making you want to visit it, thanks to the perfect combination of the texture and colour of its materials and finishes.

Photograph: David Zarzoso

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