25 June 2021 | Updated: July 20, 2021


Oceania Porte de Versailles, a boutique hotel in Paris

This hotel's intimate and charismatic look is its hallmark. Located in France, it has been refurbished using collections by PORCELANOSA GROUP.

Set in Paris, the city of light (France), Hotel Oceania Porte de Versailles is a charming space with an intimate and welcoming feel, designed with some of the most outstanding collections PORCELANOSA Group has to offer.

Common areas: shared, yet incredibly intimate

The eclectic reception area is the embodiment of comfort. The impeccable layout, stunning furniture with curved lines, and soft seating invite guests to relax for a moment before heading to their rooms.

The space is decorated in strong yet warm hues, creating a dramatic contrast with the Bottega Antracita stone-look floor tiles by Porcelanosa. This eye-catching dark colour makes the hotel feel even more intimate - if that indeed were possible.

The floor tiles extend through to the restaurant, another room with a standout interior design, where decorative elements have been used to define the two large zones: dining room and bar. In the latter, customers can enjoy an apéritif at the bar, clad in Oxide Melbourne by Coverlux®, a marble-inspired material from Krion.

The Fitwall® decorative panels on the walls provide the perfect finishing touch to the design. They opted for Mattonella Rosato wall cladding with a look reminiscent of fired clay, giving the bar area unique aesthetic appeal.

Natural rooms with their own distinctive style

The feeling of warmth and wellness that runs through the Hotel Oceania Porte de Versailles has not been spared in the bedrooms. A natural aesthetic can be seen here, highlighted by the wood accents used on the walls and headboards, complemented perfectly by the floral wallpaper.

The floors feature Par-Ker Tanzania ceramic wood by Porcelanosa. This model is characterised by its rich design, with the grain, rings and knots so typical of natural wood.

The bathrooms follow this same aesthetic line, with Krion® Lux Snow White 1100 worktops complemented by Capri Stone wall tiles by PORCELANOSA.

This is a hotel of contrasts; sobriety and intimacy reign supreme in the common areas, and the bedrooms are brimming with light and nature. And the link between the two styles? Products from the multinational PORCELANOSA Group.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Photos: Hotel Oceania Porte de Versailles

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