5 March 2021 | Updated: January 10, 2022


Hotel Don Pancho in Benidorm gets an update with Porcelanosa collections

Built in the late 70s and now one of the city's most iconic destinations, this four-start hotel has undergone a refurbishment with Premium materials from the ceramics multinational.

A symbol of the Benidorm that took off in the 70s thanks to tourism, the Hotel Don Pancho has been give a new lease of life with Premium collections by Porcelanosa.

With 46 years of history and four stars behind it, the transformation of Hotel Don Pancho was completed with a remodel of its 256 rooms, with a predominantly modern aesthetic based on neutral tones, natural wood, light textiles and Nordic style decor.



Comfort and sophistication for customer enjoyment

Krion® was one of the main materials used in the hotel refurbishment. Easy to maintain and repair, and benefiting from zero porosity, high durability and resistance to temperature changes and moisture, Krion® Lux Frost White has been used on the ventilated façade along with Butech systems, strengthening the hotel overall. The remodel received an award in the second edition of the CaixaBank Hotels & Tourism Awards in the Best Repositioning or Refurbishment category.

The pure white of the Krion® connecting the exterior façade with the seascape creates a harmonious contrast with the XLIGHT porcelain, which in turn echoes the texture of aged wood. Butech's technical solutions were used to ensure the pieces were correctly installed and tailored to fit the overall structure.

The design breathes continuity, with the exterior and interior being pulled together by the Ascot Teca ceramic parquet flooring (PAR-KER®), used as flooring throughout the swimming pool, terrace and outdoor lounge areas, with a non-slip finish for added safety and easier maintenance.

Inside the hotel, the Don Pancho team opted for warm colours ranging from brown to reddish tones, earthy colours and metallic mosaics. The common areas follow the same colour palette, featuring Porcelanosa floor tiles and cladding inspired by natural stone and concrete.

The geometric, metallic design that shapes the lobby's bathrooms makes this area brighter, and combines beautifully with the Town Black Nature floor and wall tiles and Krion® Snow White washbasins. Using the bacteriological mineral compact makes the bathrooms more hygienic, as it prevents the proliferation of microorganisms on its surface.

The bar area has also been fully refurbished. The circular bar as you enter this zone features the Krion® LUX Taupe compact from the COLORS+ series, heat-formed to be perfectly adapted to the space, and accented by the Metal Bronze Mini 3D Cubes metallic mosaic by L'Antic Colonial, adding refinement and a New York feel to the space.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Esperanza Corrales.

Interior design: Francisco Palacios.

Photo: Efímero photography studio & David Frutos Fotografía de Arquitectura.

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