December 27, 2013 | Updated: December 31, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Gordon’s House, Philadelphia

Modernity and spaciousness are the pillars of this work by the renowned architect Stephen Mileto, from the estudio QB3, in Pennsylvania. This architect has remodelled this unique space in Philadelphia, in the northeast of the United States, based on freedom and open-spaces.

Gordon’s house is an open and bright space with barley any walls and urban aesthetics which make it shine its own light. The large kitchen integrates the living-dining room, three bathrooms and two bedrooms, creating a building where you can live without the typical ties or rules. PORCELANOSA Group materials and products were used in the reforms, obtaining an ultra modern design.

The Manhattan ceramic covering by Porcelanosa in a 59.6×59.6cm format was used for the floor, obtaining an industrial-like continuous cement surface.

If we start in the kitchen, we must highlight the impressive Krion® countertop which extends out into a practical table. All the furniture in this space is white, boosted by the light that shines through the large windows which highlights the wooden beams on the roof, where an enormous flow tube passes, just like a big factory.

With regard to the bathrooms, the Oxo Line collection by Porcelanosa was used to cover the main one in the bedroom whilst the Madagascar model by Venis in a beige finish was used for the built-in bathtub. Sea Silver ceramic by Venis was used on a wall in the second bathroom, creating a mirror effect with undulations to give the space a modern touch. The washbasin and shower areas in the guest bathroom are covered with the Madison Nacar model by Porcelanosa. All the bathrooms are equipped with the Lounge mixer taps created by the Italian designer, Simone Micheli for Noken.

The combination of different concepts in the same environment is an upward trend. The users ask for changes which make a difference; a challenge which is within reach of all the companies at PORCELANOSA Group, who work daily to cover all types of needs without forgetting about quality. Gordon’s House is a good example of this.

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