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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: The Chicago Mercantile Exchange building unveils its new image with Krion™ as the protagonist

Krueck + Sexton Architects studio opted for the Snow White EAST mineral compact and Butech systems to give shape to the building’s lobby.

The opening is planned for April, when the architectural and corporate renovation the building’s interior has undergone will be unveiled.

Built in the early nineteenth century, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Center (CME) is one of the USA’s most iconic buildings, and has witnessed some of the country’s most significant economic transformations.

CME Center 5

The skyscraper – dedicated to financial derivatives and commodities – is one of the most representative of postmodern architecture, combining the rationalist style with more classical elements.

The original granite structure has been adapted to the new era with the most contemporary of materials. This was behind architecture studio Krueck + Sexton Architects’ decision to incorporate compact mineral Krion™ by PORCELANOSA Group into the main lobby.

The work, expected to be completed in April, involves the replacement of 18 entrances with white Krion™ sheets, positioned under the supervision of the Butech technical team in line with official protocols.

CME Center 11

10,000 m2 of Krion™ K-Life

After receiving the project outline, the Porcelanosa USA façades team contacted Krion and Butech (both PORCELANOSA Group companies) to examine the architectural possibilities the building offered and the way in which the Krion® (8,000 m2) could be installed.

After making various proposals, both companies built a 1: 1 scale model of the 350 m2 project with the Krion® structure to be developed. When the Krion™ pieces had been moulded (tailor-made for the project) each of them was placed on a metal frame, forming a prefabricated system of some 2,664 pieces.

CME Center 30

Due to its photocatalytic nature and K-EAST technology, Krion™ K-Life helps to reduce environmental pollution and improves people’s quality of life. Its zero porosity facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, and its Snow White EAST white tone enhances luminosity.

To ensure each piece was installed optimally, the architects used Butech’s K-Bolt and K-Fix systems, under the supervision of an expert team who visited the site to confirm the materials had been correctly installed.

CME Center 15

Photo: Imagen Subliminal.

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