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Casa EV: a monolithic property in the heart of the Sierra de la Estrella

Designed by architecture studio Artspazios, this spacious residence in Portugal featuring Porcelanosa collections stands out for its superimposed volumes and vertical structure, blending harmoniously with nature.

Casa AV (Viseu, Portugal) is composed of a series of full-body symmetrical blocks, and stands out for its spread (measuring 687 m2) and open feel, with superimposed volumes that give shape to the façade. Collections by Porcelanosa integrate it seamlessly into the Sierra de la Estrella y Caramulo location.

Designed by architecture studio Artspazios, the property’s exterior and interior are joined by a vertical structure emerging from the three-level roof, which in turn serves as the backbone of the upper rooms (office and suites). The lower level, home to a symmetrical rectangular swimming pool, hallway-dining room and main living area, is dominated by the stunning plays of light and shade created by the concrete monoliths and native vegetation – olive trees, palm trees and Scotch pines.

An infinite living room, with XTONE

We start in the three-level indoor lounge, featuring highlights including a vast green velvet sofa extending right down the length of the room, in perfect harmony with the central teardrop pendant lighting. The various decorative elements are framed by the XTONE Calacatta Green cladding. This sintered mineral compact by Urbatek echoes classic Calacatta marble, with green veins that lend brightness to the zone and merge the space with the exterior landscape. The material has also been used for the kitchen worktop, which not only gives the space a sense of spaciousness but also improves hygiene, thanks to its easy cleaning and non-porous properties, and resistance to scratches and high temperatures.

An intimate, natural bathroom

The Ceppo Stone collection by Porcelanosa predominates in the master bathroom, reminiscent of a granite cave. Contrasting beautifully with the wood walls and vertical mirror, the collection has been used for the washbasin worktop, a solid structure in which the design and texture of terrazzo is balanced by matt black taps and cement look Bottega Acero (Porcelanosa) floor tiles.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Artspazios

Photos: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

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