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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Calma Urbana, a functional penthouse open to the city of Valencia

Planned as an oasis in the city, this family home designed by the SINMAS interior design studio looks like an urban cabin decorated with the PORCELANOSA Group's Premium collections.


Isolating yourself from the city without leaving it. This is the starting point of Calma Urbana, a two-storey penthouse designed by the SINMAS interior design studio using the PORCELANOSA Group's Premium collections.

The authenticity of this property lies in its décor, combining minimalist furniture with light wood or textile structures that range from grey to turquoise. A blend of elements that evokes "the hut we played in as children", as Sigrifido and Mateo, the founders of SINMAS, suggest.

Valencia's light without filters 

Both designers aim to capture the tastes of the occupants with a functional, practical, open-plan home that safeguards the privacy of its interior with fine materials, while connecting with the exterior through its picture windows. "The construction focuses on a highly functional open space for common use. The property is also open to the wonderful Valencian skyline via a magnificent terrace that fills the home with light and a relaxation area full of greenery. With this project, we have isolated the occupants from external noise and created a welcoming home full of designer features," the SINMAS studio comments.

The cosmopolitan, mobile spirit of the tenants is reflected in each of the rooms, which are interconnected by the common use of white. This is the colour of the compact mineral Krion™ Solid Surface 1100 Snow White, used for the kitchen worktops, enhancing their safety thanks to its imperceptible joins and impact resistance and because it is non-porous, antibacterial and easy to clean.

Understood as a space for socialising and gastronomic experimentation, the kitchen is an extension of the main living room with natural wood as a principal feature. It is used for the central table and the parquet flooring by L'Antic Colonial in this room and the main bedroom. "L'Antic Colonial wood, which is used throughout the property, acts as a common thread, creating a sense of warmth and homeliness. We would highlight the use of materials by Porcelanosa and Krion, which add a touch of excellence to the property," SINMAS conclude.

Interior design: SINMAS. Interior Design Studio

Photo: Mayte Piera


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