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PORCELANOSA GROUP PROJECTS: Vivienda L+N, a boho chic house in Las Rozas, Madrid

This apartment combines different types of interior design through light tones and textures, avant-garde lamps and the ceramic collections from PORCELANOSA Group.

Open-plan and exterior-facing, the Vivienda L+N property in Las Rozas (Madrid) combines minimalist style with boho-chic in each of its rooms. White, black, blue and earth tones merge with natural woods, light textiles and the PORCELANOSA Group ceramic collections. This is the design created by the interior design studio LEdesign4u Studio for this apartment. In it, every decorative piece reinforces that relaxed style that makes the imperfect beautiful. “This property contains a wide variety of materials: rustic woods, imitation wood porcelain, terrazzo, slate, veined marble, lacquers, metalwork and linens. They blend together perfectly for a home to enjoy with family and friends”, said Loreto Prieto and Elena Llorente, founders of LEdesign4u.

Design and functionality

This defence of nature is seen in the ceramic wood Nebraska Noir from Starwood. This collection reproduces the colours and grains of natural wood and is used as a floor tile in the kitchen and the living room and also as a wall tile by the headboard in the main bedroom. Its careful design is inspired by centennial woods, reinforcing that rustic feel in every corner. “The open-plan kitchen, the main feature of the home, brings a minimalist touch that can be seen from the living room. Its pure and very carefully designed furniture is defined by its strength and aesthetic, a clear example of functionality and design”, explain the interior designers.

To correctly install the Nebraska Noir, Wenge Epotech Nature from Butech was used, a sealing grout that matches the Starwood collection to perfection.

The combination of rough and smooth textures defines the main bathroom, where the clean and balanced basins are framed with the black finish taps. The jute decoration that predominates the bathroom area is in perfect harmony with the non-slip Nebraska Noir in the shower, a continuation of the minimalist style of the home.

Project: Vivienda L+N

Interior Design: LEdesign4u studio

Photography: Kiwo Estudio 

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