November 18, 2013 | Updated: August 1, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group participates in the Area Design conference cycle

PORCELANOSA Group aims to be at the forefront of design, architecture and interior design thanks to the wide selection of products they offer. Therefore, training for professionals in this sector is really important.

The Krion® department recently took part in a conference cycle organised by the Design area at the European School of Design (IED), a renowned Italian education school which encompasses all design disciplines, audiovisual communication, trends and management.

Several students and lecturers attended the IED conference halls in Barcelona on the 18th October to take part in this meeting. Different presentations were made on bathroom designs, new products and materials, and even ways of decorating.

Technicians at Porcelanosa Group who specialise in Krion® made a presentation called “New materials: Krion® & Design”, in order to disseminate the qualities and multiple applications of this compact mineral by PORCELANOSA Group.

One of the most interesting features which caught the attention of the attendees is the material’s non-porous surface. The solid surface developed by Systempool does not allow bacteria or microorganisms to spread. This quality was accomplished without any additives thanks to the material’s natural composition.

During the conference cycle, students and professionals could touch and see some Krion® pieces, such as trims, colour ribbons, rounded edges of countertops, joint-free joining pieces in colour and in white, Krion® White Light pieces and boards with grooves, achieved thanks to designs with different thicknesses.

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