October 12, 2020


Porcelanosa modernises the use of slate in its "Image" collection

Designed to be used as a floor or wall covering, this series captures the fine-grained lamination of natural rock, giving it greater resistance with the technical features of ceramic.

Slate becomes an artistic element in Image. This ceramic collection of the PORCELANOSA Group reflects the fine weathering of natural rock, giving it greater integrity thanks to its solid composition.

This model enhances the image of Mirage because it mimics the appearance of slate with the technical properties of ceramic: Resistance to high temperatures, humidity, scratches, blows or chemical agents, expanding the use of this stone in interior or exterior projects.

Designed in four different shades: Dark, White, Cream, Silver, this series can be used on floors and walls because of the versatility of its pieces.

Multi-purpose spaces with "Image"

In a format of 33.3 x 59.2 cm, 33.3 cm x 100 cm, 59.6 cm x 150 cm (Dark and Silver), and 25 cm x 44.3 cm (White and Silver) for walls; and dimensions of 44.3 cm x 44.3 cm, 40 cm x 80 cm and 59.6 cm x 150 cm for floors, Image allows you to create spacious and unlimited spaces thanks to its continuous surfaces, matt sheen and imperceptible joints.

The darkest shades of the Dark collection can be combined with lacquered furniture, industrial lamps, mid-century style armchairs or ceramic wood flooring such as Minnesota Moka.

The decorative Deco Image pieces in 33.3 cm x 100 cm and 33.3 cm x 59.2 cm formats round off the collection. With four different colours and a flake-effect design, its superimposed pieces form a moving mosaic that invigorates the walls with clean light shapes.

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