April 7, 2020 | Updated: April 8, 2020


Porcelanosa changes its logo to support the fight against coronavirus

The multinational company joins #The200Challenge and launches a new design to raise awareness of the importance of social distancing.

This measure reinforces the digital campaign #TheBestThingAboutStayingAtHome, launched by the brand through its social media and corporate channels.

Porcelanosa has changed its official logo and joins #The200Challenge, a global initiative which aims to raise awareness of the importance of social distancing in the fight against Covid-19.

The message is conveyed through the new design of the logo, in which the 11 letters that make up the Company’s name are 200cm (2 metres) apart, in line with the protocol established by the health authorities. “We have respected the original typeface of our logo and the only thing that has changed is the space between the letters. This is an appeal to people to act responsibly: only if we respect the minimum separation, can we flatten the curve and prevent new cases of infection. It is now that positive action must take precedence over any other consideration, because public health is everyone’s concern,” Porcelanosa sources point out.

Under the slogans “Distance makes us stronger” and “Let distance bring us together”, Porcelanosa stresses the collective effort that is being made by members of the public, social agents, institutions, companies and self-employed workers to stop this pandemic. “We are aware of the tireless efforts that people are making from their homes, and that is why we want to send them a message of encouragement. A message of support and appreciation, because, although we are all separated, never before have we been more united for the same purpose: protecting ourselves to protect others. The solidarity and dedication that can be seen every day in hospitals, supermarkets and in our own neighbourhoods is emphasised by each of the letters that make up our new logo,” a Porcelanosa representative explains.

This new message from the multinational company is in addition to its digital campaign, featuring #TheBestThingAboutStayingAtHome, which suggests positive aspects of confinement to users of its social media, with plans and ideas they can put into practice while they are in isolation.

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