January 11, 2021


Porcelanosa achieves Zero Waste certification for its commitment to sustainability

This environmental label confirms that over 99% of the waste generated in its production plants is recycled and reused in other manufacturing processes, eliminating the need for landfill waste disposal.

Porcelanosa is one of the first ceramics multinationals to achieve Zero Waste certification. Awarded by SGS, a certification company, the label confirms that over 99% of the waste generated in its facilities is recycled and reused in other industrial processes, putting an end to landfill waste disposal.

The title is proof of the firm's sustainable management and the effort it has made to date to combat climate change. In pursuit of its goal, the company launched a Green Industrialisation Plan this year as part of its Eco Conscious programme, outlining the key commercial actions it will take with the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the UN Agenda 2030 as a priority.


Noelia Martínez (SGS Environmental Director for the Levante region), Jorge Fabregat (PORCELANOSA Quality and Environment Manager), Salvador Giner (PORCELANOSA Group Central Purchasing) and Tomás Navarro (SGS Business Development)

Working towards a circular economy

The steps the company has taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote responsible consumption include the following: wastewater treatment, replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting systems, using residual furnace heat for drying processes, cogeneration (more than 30% of electrical energy used is generated within its facilities), recycling and reusing industrial waste to design more sustainable products (PAR-KER® ceramic parquet, Ecocycle by Krion®) and replacing its vehicle fleet with electric cars.

Another action the company wants to promote in the near term is renewable photovoltaic energy. It is already looking into installing and distributing solar panels across its central facilities, warehouses and offices. "We have a strong commitment to the environment, as we've demonstrated by achieving SGS Zero Waste certification. Each and every one of our eight companies are looking for environmentally-friendly solutions that improve not only people's lives, but also the biodiversity of the planet. It is a complex but by no means impossible balance, based on aligning production methods with the real needs of society. In other words, use only what we need, minimise waste and reuse it to promote a circular economy model, where demand determines supply - not the other way around" explains a company representative.

In line with the four Rs (reduce, recycle, reuse and recover) PORCELANOSA is moving towards energy sustainability by reintroducing much of its industrial waste into its value chain. "This is all about protecting the environment - and also our health - establishing environmental protocols that help us to combat global warming, laying the foundations for a green economy based on durable and reusable products, as championed by each of PORCELANOSA'S collections" the firm concludes.


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