October 28, 2019 | Updated: November 14, 2019


The 12th Porcelanosa Awards: Retail Architecture, the epicentre of new design

The architect, Lucia Lázaro Verde, is a finalist in the category of Forward-Looking Design. Professionals in this project, based on a combination of volumes and open spaces.

The main attraction of this store is to have turned the corporate brand name into a unique multidisciplinary design.

Turn a brand name into design. That is the origin of Retail Architecture, a showroom where the product symbolises and shapes each of its rooms. This is what the creator, the architect Lucía Lázaro Verde, a finalist in the category of Forward-Looking Design-Professionals at the 12th PORCELANOSA Awards, wanted. “The design of this project creates an exhibition sales space that in turn, represents the product itself. This is the way in which the corporate image is structured”, the architect stated.


Through a central clear and open room, whose area covers some 87m2, Lázaro Verde showcases the different products in the store as part of the same decor, and all areas meet there: the reception, the design department, the rest areas, the bar, the toilets and the warehouse. 'The product comes with the design on an exhibition basis, with spaces for the latest designs and samples which, are integrated into bathrooms and kitchens”, the creator explained.

The natural order of things

The combinations of light and volume that are interspersed throughout the space are strengthened with natural wood wall tiles from L´Antic Colonial, as well as the ceramic collections from Porcelanosa and Venis.

With regard to the former, in other words, Porcelanosa, the Prada White and Chelsea Bone collection has been opted for; two of the floor tiles used overall in the building. The Vintage Natural and Corintio Acero floor tiles from Venis were chosen to increase the warmth of the main rooms.


This intimist design contrasts with the black metal-effect wall tiles. This is the case with the Stuc Black Texture from Urbatek and the Elite Even Burma natural stone mosaic from L’Antic Colonial. Both options are brought together with the countertops manufactured with KRIONTM and the Micro-Stuk wall tiles from Butech, whose resistance and flexibility make the whole architecture set lighter.

State-of-the-art Retail Design.

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